Welcome to the BLOG! 

It is high. time. I learned how to do this.

WordPress and I don’t exactly get along, but after saying “I really should blog this gorgeous session….” 100000 times, I went kicking and screaming through web design tutorials. And then I totally gave up after a few weeks and switched to Squarespace. Thank you Squarespace! Moral of the story: know your talents. Mine is not web design haha!

That being said, now that I have this up and running, I’m THRILLED to start blogging all of my favorite sessions! 

I’m going to start a few sessions back and work my way up to current shoots!

I appreciate all of the love and comments as I populate this new creative space with some of my favorite sessions!





P.S. Just for kicks, here's an image I took this week of my littlest one. Can you believe he's turning ONE? Me neither. 

Brittany Frisch