Life is but an adventure—a wild ride at times. My professional trajectory has been one with twists and turns, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My whole life I thought I wanted to make movies. I went to college for film and also studied fine art. Wes Anderson was my hero. (Hello, visual style!)

After college, the man of my dreams proposed to me. Marrying an Army Ranger meant I choose to give up my career as a video producer. Luke and I were married for 4 short months before we started our adventure of traveling around the country from duty station to duty station. 

I wouldn’t change a thing. Today, we have two sweet little boys and a Corgi-Aussie mix sure to steal anyone’s heart. 

We live a busy and full life.  In fact, we have lived in 6 houses in 5 states, in 6 years! The military family life is exactly why I was intent on finding another career path that would fulfill me artistically, while allowing me to remain mobile. I missed producing video. But when I picked up a camera and started studying photography, I truly found my medium. 

There is something so beautiful about capturing peoples’ most authentic and intimate moments, whatever that looks like. It’s nothing short of magical at times. Time is so fleeting, and I feel honored to make the memories last longer in a visual form. 

Inspiration comes in many forms. For me, it’s love stories, nature, palettes filled with neutral tones, squishy newborn babies, adventure, bohemian brides, mamas and littles, poetry (Rupi Kaur is a favorite), garden weddings, genuine connection, great natural light, and visual storytelling.  My images have been described as romantic, candid, organic, elegant, light, and airy.

Fun facts about me:

  • I’m a follower of Jesus! My life is grounded in my faith.
  • I edit exclusively to Celtic music. And maybe a little James Bay. But mostly Celtic music. I always have and I can’t quite explain it haha
  • I’m a total night owl
  • I could exist solely off of sushi and chocolate
  • I hate shoes (they’re just foot traps) and am usually barefoot
  • I’m low-key obsessed with Harry Potter (and by low-key I mean I own a replica of Luna Lovegood’s wand…so maybe not low-key haha)
  • I love to read. My current obsession is the Outlander series. But with two tiny tornados at my heels, audiobooks have been my best friend lately.
  • I smile. A lot.
  • I’ve been described as bubbly, creative, crafty, friendly, a free spirit, funny, kind, and adventurous. I heard the term “fancy hippy” once, and I identify.
  • I love being outdoors. I feel most relaxed while camping or hiking.

But enough about me. I would love to meet YOU! Let's talk about how I can tell your beautiful story.